Architectural Photography: Interiors

Architectural photography, whether interior or exterior, relies heavily on
a photographer’s technical abilities — but it doesn’t stop there! An
artful eye helps create the best composition and capture the moment and
emotion of a space.

The challenge of bringing all these elements together is what makes this
kind of photography so rewarding.

Understanding how these images will be used is of the utmost importance.
From the high-resolution of a magazine cover to the squareness of
Instagram, the final product will play a part in decisions around
composition and design.

My personal preference when shooting interiors is starting with natural
light, although the “right light” is often achieved by adding light to a
room. Controlling the light can also help improve the mood, feel, and
contrast of an image, and even bring out colour and detail to select areas.

Business Portraits

Are business profile photos starting to look too similar?

It seems there are certain trends that hang around too long. With the
increased importance of digital communications such as websites and social
media, you might want to consider breaking away from the standard business

A closely cropped photo on your LinkedIn profile is still important, but
what you get from your photographer should allow you the flexibility to
avoid mainstream work while showing who you are as a person.

Newspapers and magazines are not successful by repeatedly using the same
styles, or non-creative and low quality images.

Because of my early experiences in photojournalism, I lean towards a style
of image that I would submit to a business magazine whenever possible.

Here are a few images I have captured lately in studio and/or location.

New Release: Wall of Fame to Feature Local Photographer

September 10, 2015

Moncton, NB, September 10, 2015 – Internationally-published and award-winning Moncton photographer Daniel St. Louis will be one of four photographers featured during Photo Moncton International’s Wall of Fame celebration event September 10 at 5 p.m. in the Blue Cross Atrium.

St. Louis is known for his work capturing local dignitaries and politicians, world leaders, star athletes, and visiting Royals. Recognized for his exceptional lighting expertise and his ability to capture natural and authentic moments within any situation, St. Louis has a photography portfolio that includes commercial, weddings, new conferences, special events, and sports. He attributes his 30-year career success to his technical training, mentors, hands-on experience, adaptability, and his creative approach to photography.

471960_437991552897126_723309764_o“I’m thrilled to be featured alongside fellow industry and product leaders on Photo Moncton International’s Wall of Fame during an exciting week that showcases photography for everyone to experience,” says St. Louis. “It’s events like this that highlight the true creative spirit of our craft, while also bringing to attention the challenges and opportunities we have as an industry to stay relevant.”

St. Louis’ first love of photography came when he picked up his father’s Kodak 126 Instagramatic camera and started capturing ‘life’ at the early age of 5-years-old. His passion ensued and it wasn’t long after that, at the age of 8-years-old, he photographed and documented a car accident just outside his home near Fredericton, NB.

532293_403057759723839_774729197_nSpecial career highlights include: Wedding Album of the Year two years running in 2000 and 2001 by Professional Photographers of America, Wedding Album of the Year in 2004 by Professional Photographers of Canada, and official photographer for events such as the Francophonie Summits in 1999 and 2008, the State Funeral for the Honourable Romeo LeBlanc, and visiting former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Senior. As well, he has been the photo editor and major contributor to Great Moncton’s pictorial transformation book, Then and Now, released in 2013.

Former New Brunswick Premier, Frank McKenna comments, “I am pleased to learn that Daniel St. Louis was chosen to be showcased on the Wall of Fame. As a leader in his field, he demonstrates the skills to continually rise to the challenge in a competitive industry while maintaining his drive for excellence which is – quite simply – admirable and exemplary.”

With a natural instinct as a photojournalist, St. Louis states that he learned the most when he worked for the Telegraph Journal from 1985-1990.

“My greatest gains were boots on the ground photojournalism for the Telegraph Journal. It was an unforgivable boot camp that meant thinking fast, anticipating life moments, and always coming out with a story with one photo. News Editor of the day, Howie Trainor, continually challenged me and forced me to capture exceptional moments. He would say, ‘I need a front cover shot from Moncton, figure it out, get it done, and get it done well.'”

964770_633947779968168_1569409107_oPrior to that, St. Louis studied Power Engineering at NBCC in Saint John, where he followed and admired the work of Saint John local photographer and business owner Martin Flewelling, who was at that time “the king” of photography and a considerable influence on St. Louis’ craft. Additonally, mentors were a huge influence on his career such as Maine photographers, Linda Lapp and Mark Rockwood.

His all-time personal favourite career moment was photographing his 2-year-old daughter Danielle trying to “go to the potty” – her determination and eventual satisfaction that he captured on film inspired him and led him down another layer of creativity, which to this day is evident in all his work.

“At every photographic moment I am learning something new about the people and places I observe, where in fact, some people are unaware that I am learning from them”, says St. Louis. “Overall, I am privileged and grateful to do what I do.”

Since 1987, St. Louis has operated a commercial, portrait and photographic art studio, and is also owner of Heritage Frames and Gallery operating out of the same property at 155 King Street, Moncton.

Photo Moncton International is a public event and will host workshops and seminars from September 10-13, 2015. For more information:

 – 30 –

Moncton’s Natural Playground – A one day community build

Volunteers from Tangerine, Bienenstock, YMCA and the City of Moncton gather at Centennial Park to build a natural playground, the first of its kind for Moncton. This will be a great place for kids to play especially with a 22 foot long teeter totter (Wobbly Log) made out of huge tree trunks!  It’s always  heartwarming to document such great community events.

Yvon Lapierre Dieppe

Portrait of a Mayor

This recent photo series of Mayor Yvon Lapierre of the City of Dieppe was originally for use in a thank you ad campaign. Atlantic Cancer Research Institute is selecting from these images.

On arrival at the Mayor’s office, I was quickly reminded of the great light and architectural features of it’s modern Dieppe city hall. The lobby area is such a great people gathering space, great for events and mingling. His own office photos went very well so time was on my side to capture a few images using the remarkable main lobby area.

Little girl on dad's shoulders at concert in the park in Moncton.

Moncton 125

Moncton Celebrates its 125th Birthday!

There was lots to photograph for the City of Moncton in the past few days as it kicked off its 125th Birthday celebrations throughout the city. The lack of a downtown centre did not seem to be an issue the past few days as proud Monctonians, and new to Moncton residents embraced every event. Simple Plan played to a big crowd down on the waterfront then got to see the first fireworks of the year. The long tough winter we are leaving behind may have played a part, but either way, people seemed happy and energized.

Resurgo place was hopping, where many took advantage of seeing its impressive showcase of history and interactive modules where power and transportation energized young and old. Lucky for me, Resurgo Place is across the street from my studio. Other event locations included the Capitol Theatre, Moncton Market, Frye Festival/ Blue Cross Centre and the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

I will let the photos speak for themselves. Happy Birthday Moncton!

A City still on edge- Moncton since June 04th shootings

I’m not normally chasing after news photos, but since my experience of the June 4th shootings in Moncton, my interest peaks when I see police and guns. These images were captured tonight (Apr 12,2015) beside my studio on King St near Steadman St , Moncton. What I heard to be firecrackers was thought to be gunshots by other residents of the area. Codiac RCMP responded shortly after with more than twelve police cars. The area was sealed off, well armed officers checked it out and confirmed that they were indeed firecrackers. Many Greater Moncton residence will never again feel at ease with loud bangs in their neighbourhood.

Child portraiture, it’s an event!

As this is my first blog, I thought I’d go back to an early digital session from several years ago. Children’s portraits can be a challenge so I find my early experience in photojournalism a great fit here.

Kids are so darned honest! You must gain their trust, so if you are unsure of yourself, the session won’t go well and they just might eat you alive (professionally speaking lol). I like to give them a bit of room so they can be themselves. Late in this session, we decided to change it up, the right show on TV got them focused making for a great extension to an already successful session. A fun afternoon and difficult to choose only a few. It’s a great problem that I always hope to have. A wall portrait, series of three/four and mini album can be easily achieved with this series.

Thanks once again to the Inglis/Cripton family!