Moncton Celebrates its 125th Birthday!

There was lots to photograph for the City of Moncton in the past few days as it kicked off its 125th Birthday celebrations throughout the city. The lack of a downtown centre did not seem to be an issue the past few days as proud Monctonians, and new to Moncton residents embraced every event. Simple Plan played to a big crowd down on the waterfront then got to see the first fireworks of the year. The long tough winter we are leaving behind may have played a part, but either way, people seemed happy and energized.

Resurgo place was hopping, where many took advantage of seeing its impressive showcase of history and interactive modules where power and transportation energized young and old. Lucky for me, Resurgo Place is across the street from my studio. Other event locations included the Capitol Theatre, Moncton Market, Frye Festival/ Blue Cross Centre and the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

I will let the photos speak for themselves. Happy Birthday Moncton!

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