Business Portraits

Are business profile photos starting to look too similar?

It seems there are certain trends that hang around too long. With the
increased importance of digital communications such as websites and social
media, you might want to consider breaking away from the standard business

A closely cropped photo on your LinkedIn profile is still important, but
what you get from your photographer should allow you the flexibility to
avoid mainstream work while showing who you are as a person.

Newspapers and magazines are not successful by repeatedly using the same
styles, or non-creative and low quality images.

Because of my early experiences in photojournalism, I lean towards a style
of image that I would submit to a business magazine whenever possible.

Here are a few images I have captured lately in studio and/or location.

Child portraiture, it’s an event!

As this is my first blog, I thought I’d go back to an early digital session from several years ago. Children’s portraits can be a challenge so I find my early experience in photojournalism a great fit here.

Kids are so darned honest! You must gain their trust, so if you are unsure of yourself, the session won’t go well and they just might eat you alive (professionally speaking lol). I like to give them a bit of room so they can be themselves. Late in this session, we decided to change it up, the right show on TV got them focused making for a great extension to an already successful session. A fun afternoon and difficult to choose only a few. It’s a great problem that I always hope to have. A wall portrait, series of three/four and mini album can be easily achieved with this series.

Thanks once again to the Inglis/Cripton family!